The Phillies search for Starting Pitching.

Currently the Phillies are in negotiations with not one, but two starting pitchers. Roy Halladay and Pedro Martinez. Both are future Hall of Famers. Every fan would love to see “Doc” wearing the red pinstripes. We all know what Halladay could for this team. I think a lot of fans are hesitant to see Martinez in them though.

The last we saw Martinez he was struggling with an ERA over 5.50. Most people see think of that number when think of Martinez. That was an injured Pedro. Granted he’s a little older, but what is the difference between Martinez and Ben Sheets. Sheets was one of the players teams were keeping an eye on to see if he would be available for the stretch run. Why shouldn’t Pedro be given the same opportunity?

Getting back to Halladay. Riccardi has made it clear that the Jays are looking for two premium prospects and two additional prospects. That is not an outrageous price under the thinking that if the Blue Jays want two high prospects for the two draft picks they would receive as compensation if Halladay left as a free agent. The Phillies currently have four prospects in the top 50 according to Baseball Prospectus. They are, in order they appear highest rank to lowest rank, Dominic Brown (OF), Michael Taylor (OF), Kyle Drabek (SP), and Jason Knapp (SP). The Blue Jays seemingly need a shortstop and catcher to replace Marco Scutaro and Rod Barajas. So, I would suggest the following trade:

Phillies send Dominic Brown, Jason Knapp, Jason Donald, and Lou Marson

Blue Jays send Roy Halladay

If need be I would add Carlos Carrasco to make the deal. Carrasco’s AAA numbers are inflated due to some bad starts which I contribute to discomfort in his pitching arm/hand area in mid-to-late May.

If the package for Halladay is good for Toronto AND the Phillies sign Pedro Martinez, we would have the same problem that Boston has: Pitching Depth. You’d have a rotation of Halladay, Hamels, Blanton, Happ, Martinez, and Moyer. Do you try to move Moyer? Do you stick Pedro in the pen and let him be the swing man to limit his innings? It’s the best problem to have and hopefully it is something we have to deal with.


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