Offseason Report: Kyle Kendrick

2010 is just around the corner and the Phillies seem to have jump on the season. The Phillies have four of the five rotation spots locked up with Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, and JA Happ. Does Jamie Moyer come back and try to perform? The Phillies are on the hook for 8.0 million with Moyer for 2010. So unless the ageless wonder retires, the Phillies are gonna have to eat atleast some of that money, if not all. But who are the pitchers the Phillies will look to if injuries occur?

First line of defense will probably be Kyle Kendrick. Kendrick has, in my eyes, gone from dud to stud. Learning a valuable 3rd pitch has helped his game tremendously. Kendrick has a good shot at making this team out of the bullpen. If he does, it would probably be as the swing man. More than likely though Kendrick will start the 2010 campaign in Lehigh Valley as an Ironpig.


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