Aces are WILD!

What a wild week for the Philadelphia Phillies. In one day, they traded for AND traded away a Cy Young award winner. Yes, my friends as you may know by now Roy Halladay is officially a Phillie. Thanks to Cliff Lee for the work he did while here. The bigger question among fans was why? Why couldn’t the 2010 iteration of the Philadelphia Phillies have 3 ACES? For as much as we heard either money or baseball decisions, I believe it to be baseball related.

Most fans look at the roster and say wow Cliff Lee AND Roy Halladay AND Cole Hamels. We just won the World Series! But for the rest of us who live and die with the Phils, we know better. We gave up two really good prospects for Halladay, and we needed some back to continue to be able to get younger in the future or to make trades as well.

Please do not look at what we gave up for Halladay and even try to compare to what we got for Lee. They were two completely different situations. I want to start with the simple question of what did we give up for Lee? Carrasco, Donald, Marson, and Knapp. Knapp was the centerpiece. He was one of very few power arms in the system. He is at minimum probably another three years away from even sniffing the Cleveland bullpen. Marson and Donald would have been bench players for years to come. Carrasco, in my opinion, is a younger version of Oliver Perez. He has great stuff, but is a head case. He’ll either strike out 12 or he’ll walk 12. Everyone around said that for what we gave up, the Lee deal was highway robbery.

What did we get back for Lee? Aumont, Ramirez, and Gillies. Two were going to be in Seattle’s top 5 prospects. People are saying that we got fleeced for this deal. Aumont is comprable to Knapp. Ramirez is a reasonable comparison to Drabek. Gillies is better than Donald or Marson. All three will start the season in AA Reading.

What you need to pay attention to is just the Lee deals. What we got for Lee is miles better than what we gave up for him. Aumont, Ramirez, Gillies, and Ben Francisco for Carrasco, Marson, Donald, and Knapp. Three minor leaguers and a MLB ready OFer for four minor leaguers is a solid trade any day of the week.


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