Phillie of the Week: 4/2/10

This weeks Phillie of the week is Roy Halladay. Halladay cost the Phillies three of the their top four prospects in Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, and Travis D’arnaud. But not only did we get Halladay, but he agreed to sign to a short term extension, keeping him with the Phillies atleast until 2013.

Halladay is arguably the best pitcher in baseball. The Phillies are hoping that Halladay performs so well that he makes Phillies fans think “Cliff Who?” In his first spring outing Halladay through a modest 24 pitches over 3 innings. Only 3 of those 24 pitches were out of the strike zone.

We all knew that Halladay was going to be the Opening Day starter in DC on April 5th. Being only a couple of days away, my expectations are high. Almost as high as the excitement is in this town. Baseball is back and the boys of summer are too. The quest begins Monday afternoon. The quest for the four peat in the division. The quest for the three peat for the pennant. The quest to regain what was lost last fall, the World Series trophy and Roy Halladay will be one of the main reasons why we get there.




    DO YOU EVER NOTICE that some of these entries seem to be poorly unvailed comments by Phils managment.
    The day two starter should have been Cliff Lee. As we approach the season we find 2-3 starters hurting, their closer and a mid-reliever not ready to pitch. Money was the reason Lee isn’t here. 7 million dollar average pitchers that at best might give us 200+ innings, a 4.5 ERA & considered avereage.
    If the Phils truly want another Pennant they keep Lee. giving us two aces. No, Amaro and his supposed $140 million budget is the problem. Amaro, with the Polonco deal and Lee would have all of us confident to be playing in October. And the two aces put us playing in the World Series.
    Amaro and Wade offed Polonco (costing us a WS appearence). Now we have 3, possibly 4 pitchers down and if Lee was on the roster; our only possible problem might be Lidge. STUPID, STUPID… STUPID…AND COULD HAVE BEEN PITCHERS, PITCHERS and PITCHERS. This bull about restocking our minors is something we could do while keeping Lee. Happ, Blanton, Hammels, Kendricks, Moyer. Other teams go out and rent a pitcher, if needed in August. Hell, if we blow the division Lee could have been traded or sold in August so Amaro is covered in 2011.
    Drabek, Taylor, and D’arnaud are not the Lock formula for the future and who cares about anything but 2010. HALLADAY is a heartbeat better than Lee. Halladay would not have won the WS WITHOUT LEE. The both on this roster assures a WS.
    The Phils ownership don’t think like champions. If we are talking about Lee at the All-Star game or end of July hopefully we’ll be able to re-rent him.
    Amaro can’t blame ownership if this blows-up in our faces. You’ll have 75-80 sellouts and a fan base ready to stay in love with another couple WS trophies. THE FANS DESERVE IT.

    • michaelh

      I don’t believe that the justification was solely money or prospects. I believe it was a combination of both. I believe that the ownership group is/was worried about having such a high payroll. I believe until the ownership group can come to terms and accept a buy out from John Middleton, you will always have a fearful ownership. It’s that small market mentality.

      I also believe that it was about restocking the system. Ramirez, Aumont, and Gillies are players that all have a shot at being ready at some point during the 2011-2012 seasons. I strongly believe that very few players drafted are ever ready within the first two seasons, whether or not the come out of high school or college. And a lot of those players are drafted in the top 10-15 picks. So the Phillies wouldn’t even have a shot at any of those picks by offerring Lee arbitration.General draft history shows most college players taking between 2-5 seasons with the majority of those being in years 3 and 4. High school players are even a bit longer at 3-6 with must going atleast 3 or 4 as well. Every so often you have an under the radar guy that has a really good work ethic that can bypass the system, but they are few and far between.

      As far as Lee and Halladay being 1-2 in ethier order, I believe that Hamels will have a bounce back season. Adding not one but two pitches to your repetoire, even if they aren’t strong, gives the batter something to look for. So there is less to sit on. I think that Doc and Hollywood will do just as well. Where I would like to see Lee come back as a rental, I doubt there is a chance for that. Seattle will probably be in the thick of it through the end of the year. I picked them to go to the Playoffs.

      As far as pitching depth is concerned. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Pedro or Smoltz to get a phone call from the Phillies. Personal favorite Noah Lowry should have an eye kept on. As far as trading for a pitcher by the deadline, there are some names to watch. If they are out of the running don’t be surprised if teams make a run at Ben Sheets, Brandon Webb or Bronson Arroyo. They are all free agents following this year with Arroyo having a buyout for 2011. I would also check in on Roy Oswalt or Mark Buerhle. The Astros may have a fire sale this year or this offseason. As for the White Sox, Kenny Williams is not afraid to make bold moves, but if they are in the hunt, Buerhle would probably be a reason why.

      I am not sure what you are trying to say about Polanco. I assume you think we over bid for him. I think that Polanco is an insurance policy. I see RAJ (Ruben Amaro Jr.) shopping Howard either at the deadline if we are out of it for any reason, or in the offseason. At that point you could look for a MLB ready 1st or 3rd baseman. Utley and Polanco could pretty easily move positions.

      Thanks for the comments, keep on reading.

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