Bling Bling!

Blog Ring.JPGA day after the Phillies’ Red Zone Offense scored two TDs against he Nationals, the members of the 2009 Phillies received their National League Championship rings. For the 2008 World Series Championship Ring Ceremony, the Phillies invited every player who had left the roster. This year the only non-Phillie to receive their ring during the ceremony was current National, Tyler Walker. It’s a shame, it would have been nice to see the like of Cliff Lee, Paul Bako, Chris Coste, and so forth. I wonder if part of the thought rationale was the reaction Cliff Lee would have gotten. Many fans were very upset to see him go, but what was done is done and the only option to get Lee back is to sign him as a free agent.


The ring is beautiful, not as good as the World Series Championship Ring, but still very nice. (insert image of ring)(insert description). The ring was so nice that it must have motivated (Player of the Game) to (summary of game)


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