The Phillies seem to be getting bumps and bruises early in the 2010 season. Currently, the Phils have 5 players with obvious ailments (Lidge, Romero, Blanton, Rollins, and Werth). Four of which are on the DL (Werth is not on the DL). Kyle Kendrick, after having a stellar season in AAA in 2009, has been atrocious in two starts against the Nationals. Kendrick has given up 11 ERs in 5.2 innings, which is good for and ERA north of 17. Kendrick will be lucky if he gets one or two more starts to redeem himself.

Hopefully, the injury bug is hitting our fightin Phils now as opposed to October. Good thing RAJ made improving the bench a priority this past winter. Between Dobbs and Gload alone, the Phils have 40+ pinch hits in the past two years. All around, the Phils are looking okay to weather the storm until the skies clear and the stars can shine again.


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