Kid’s Opening Night

What this game is all about. What fathers hope thier sons can be. Basically, the point of it all: the kids. Kid’s Opening Night, like most teams in Major League Baseball, is the first promotion night geared toward kids to start the season. The Phillies drew the Florida Marlins this year for Kid’s Opening Night and the Marlins almost spoiled it before it ever even started.

I am going to preface this with I am well aware that rarely does anyone get a game used ball for free. Foul, Homerun, and last out balls in general are hard to acquire. One does not just simply get one for showing up.From my understanding, batting practice is generally the best opportunity to get a ball.

My young son and I arrive at the ballpark just in time to catch the last couple of minutes of Phillies BP. Unfortunately, no balls were hit our way. So after a period of stretching by the Marlins, out came the relievers to shag some flyballs. That is when and where, I found a person that I hate more than some of the Mets players. His name: Dan Meyer.

xxxxxxxx.jpgMr Meyer simply did not give basically anyone to a chance at getting a beloved ball. Multiple tmes Mr. Meyer would grab on to the nearest ball and throw them in. Not to the kids, but to the infield. Multiple times, my son getting closer and clsoer to tears we would make a cordial request to him to bring over a ball.

What sends me over the ages is that when distracted from his pregame warm up responsibilties, we are quick to see that not only are his “family/friends” are getting free tickets right behind the away team dugout, but he grabs a couple balls and tosses them to his guests. At that point, my child is beginning to cry and when I get Mr. Meyer’s attention to point him out, I get the “What?!” shrug and back to work he goes. Luckily one of the other pitchers saw us and tossed a ball to us, instantly turning that frown upside down. But from here are on out, Dan  Meyer is one of my most likely to be hated players.


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