Preview of the week and some early Magic

Magic you ask? The Philies Magic Number as of today is 143. I know, a bit early aren’t we? I do want to try to incorporate this number into future entries. So this is just the beginning. On to the preview. Well, you should have put money on my prediction for last week. I was perfect at 3-3. This week’s schedule looks a little like this:

  • 4/26 at SF
  • 4/27 at SF
  • 4/28 at SF
  • 4/29 Off Day
  • 4/30 vs. NYM
  • 5/1 vs. NYM
  • 5/2 vs. NYM

Halladay pitches twice in the next two series. Tonight vs Jonathan Sanchez and the third game against the Mets. The Giants and Mets both have top 10 rotations and bullpens, so if the Phillies bats don’t wake up, this could be a long week. Based on recent hitting trends, I am sad to say that I think the Phillies will have a rough week this week. Better to struggle early rather than late I guess.

My prediction for the week has the Phillies going 2-4 or 3-3 at best. UGH!


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