Phillies smoke Mets. Back on top.

On paper, this looked like 2 of 3 for the wins. Kendrick pitched like himself in the series opener as the Phils dropped the fifth game in the last seven. Roy Halladay came in and pitched a gem against Mike Pelfrey, the alleged 1a to Johan Santana. Pitching against Halladay didn’t help, but the Pelfrey’s numbers almost predicted a massive failure. Before Sat., Pelfrey had given up more hits and walks combined than innings pitched. Coming into Sunday’s primetime event Johan vs. Moyer looked like another series loss. Moyer did not have his A game giving up 5 runs early against the Mets. But Johan pitched like an injured pitcher. He only threw roughly 3 breaking balls and got lit up by the Phils giving up 10 earned runs. So the Phils walk away with 2 of 3 and are back on top in the NL East.

*Ben Francisco came into the game to replace Jayson Werth which apparently was because of a sore hip. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come.


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