How Many Fingers Do You See?

This past week the Phillies were accused of stealing signs against the Rockies. Specifically, Mick Billmeyer for using binoculars from the bullpen. Now at the time of accusation the game was tied at one. So if the Phillies were stealing signs, they weren’t doing very well with the info. It is actually kind of funny that teams would make a bold accusation considering trying to steal signs is a part of the game. I mean do the Rockies, their annoucers specifically, think that Billmeyer is that dumb to be sitting there with binoculars in full view of everyone? Secondly, even if the Phillies were blatantly stealing signs, I’d put one in the ribs of Howard or Utley or Werth or one of the other stars of the team. That would send a sign. Well atleast one wouldn’t have to be stolen.


ESPN showed their stupidity and obvious ignorance again. While doing an interview with Buster Olney, the host, Josh something or another, took shots at Charlie Manuel and the Phillies. He took a shot at Uncle Cholly by accusing of him of “dragging the Mets” into the discussion of sign stealing. Actually reports were everywhere that the Mets have continously insisted that the Phillies steal signs. Do your homework. Secondly, ESPN try to get Buster to go off on the Phillies for allegedly stealing signs. Olney was basically ambivilent to the whole situation and brushed it off. Thank God for the MLB Network.


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