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Phillies in need of Heart Transplant

Is Charlie Manuel on the hot seat? The
Phillies are on the verge of having dropped 10 of 18 since my
last entry. Between the lack of effort (and lack of
commitment from MLB) I chose not to post. Tonight I could not
hold my tongue any longer. Either this team is tired of
playing for Charlie or a serious kick in the *** is in order.
Errors, poor hitting, poor baserunning, just poor attitudes
in general have been killing this team, giving up a 6.5 game
lead in the division to the Braves in a little over 2 weeks.
That is almost as good as the Mets of 2007 and 2008. Don’t
give me the injury excuses. If the healthy starters played
their games the right way, we would have not lost 8 of 11.
STOP RELYING ON THE LONG BALL. Teams are not pitching to you.
This team in general is not getting fastballs. Teams are
sending their junkballers against the Phils. Time to start
playing like champions boys.