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MLB P.O.W. 4/10-4/16

chase.jpgThis weeks Phillies of the Week is Chase Utley. Since April 10th, Utley has gone 7 for 22 (.318) with 5 homeruns and 12 RBIs. He struck just 4 times, but walked 6 times. He is right at the top of the national league with his 6 homeruns and 14 runs scored early in the 2010 season. A perrenial all-star, if Utley can stay healthy, it may be the year where Utley takes home the National Leauge Most Valuable Player award. Good work Chase, keep it up.


Act one goes to Destiny!

If pitching a complete game is a gem, what Cliff Lee did last night was the Hope Diamond. Not one walk. He was, to steal a line from Stu Scott, as cool as the other side of the pillow. On the offensive side of the ball, Chase Utley went into the record books not once but twice yesterday. He tied Babe Ruth as the only LH hitters to hit two HRs against a LH pitcher in the same world series game. On top of that he positioned himself to the top of the list for consecutive postseason games to safely get on base. Not bad to start the series. My only problem is the Fox broadcasters continued to say how CC was off his game last night. 7.0 IP 4 Hs 3 BBs 2 ERs. Not too bad by my estimation. He pitched well enough to win, but Lee just did it better.

Tonight will be Pedro vs AJ. I can’t wait to see how both AJ and Pedro deal with the pressure. Or lack there of with Pedro. The Yankees are in a must win situation with Burnett tonight and I can’t remember the last time that Burnett came up big in a pressure situation. I think that Burnett comes up big tonight and this thing goes to Philly 1-1. Go Phils!