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Frustration Expelled

This is just something I need to get off my chest. I hope that people other than Phillies fans read this. I doubt it, but here it goes anyway. I am SICK and TIRED of Phillies Fans, and Philadelphia fans in general, being dubbed the black sheep of the sports fandom community. The assumption always lead back to the snow balls being thrown at Santa or booing former Eagle QB Donovan McNabb at his draft. I am not saying that the local represenation of fans should be identified as saints, but the minority is being reflected nationally. I can attest to the actions of some knuckleheads at the ballpark, but the majority of fans I have interacted with are both knowledgeable and passionate about the local squad. YET, and this is what aggrevates me to no end, other fans act in such a manner that crosses the line of the law, get a pass and you can expect to hear in the words “Atleast they are not as bad as Philadelphia” or something close to it. Prime example is that over 150 people were arrested at the Dodgers Home Opener. 150+! I mean come on. When will we finally get our repreive and finally be disassociated with a fans from previous generations? It won’t be soon enough.